Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG) published a report
providing the vision of Energy Regulators on the current situation of
Infrastructure investment in the Mediterranean region. This document maps
current and projected interconnection infrastructures for electricity and gas
and discusses the current financing challenges, in the absence of an harmonized
regulatory framework at regional level. In a context of strong investment
needs, one of MEDREG’s key objectives is to advocate in favour of a sound
regulatory framework in all 21 member countries. MEDREG works as a facilitator
to ensure that all Mediterranean countries establish an independent national
regulatory agency both for the electricity and gas sectors.

this report, MEDREG aimed at encouraging an active debate among governments,
international financial institutions (IFIs), Transmission System Operators
(TSOs), multilateral organizations, and the academic world. The Association
submitted its preliminary results to a public consultation process, which
gathered 37 responses from stakeholders that contributed to improve and clarify
the final version of the study. MEDREG is confident that this report can
represent a meaningful step to tackle and address barriers to energy
investments in the Mediterranean region. The main data in support of this
report were kindly provided by MEDREG member regulators.

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